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Li & Fung Logistics and Distribution Centres

Li & Fung Logistics and Distribution Centres

  • Li & Fung Logistics and Distribution Centres
  • Location
    Mainland China
  • Type of Site
    5 Warehouse/Distribution Centres
  • Scale
    9,097 – 18,392 m2
  • Energy Examined(kWh)
    Totally over 1,200 MWh (worth USD $213,764)
  • Economic Value
    Annual saving over USD $60,300
  • Year Energenz' Project Completed
    2012 – 2013
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Site Description

Li Fung is a Hong Kong based multinational logistics company with expertise in supply chain management. There are 5 distribution centres located in Beijing and Shanghai. The distribution centers are used for storage and distribution of goods such as beverage, goods, detergents and food different customers. The warehouse space for the distribution centers ranged from 9,000 to 18,392 m2, with annual energy consumption ranging from 144,104 to 399,149 kwh (worth USD $20,659 to USD $60,861).


The potential annual electricity savings of the distribution centres Energenz helped the client to identify ranged from 17,095 to 85,961 kwh/yr of the sites, which represents approximately 11.9 to 25.6% of the total energy cost. The main areas where energy management opportunities identified were lighting, forklift battery charging and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

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