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Tan Chong Factory

Tan Chong Factory

  • Tan Chong Factory
  • Location
  • Owner’s Name
  • Type of Site
    Car Factory
  • Site Size
    20 acres (80,937 m2)
  • Energy Examined(kWh)
    2,150,000 (existing)
  • Energy Saved(USD)/year
    600,000 (existing site only)
  • Year Energenz' Project Completed
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Site Description

This group is one of the largest car manufacturers in Thailand. They have an existing site which produces approximately 2,000 cars per year.

Energenz were engaged to conduct an energy assessment of the project, and based on the results of this study to provide operations driven design optimization services for a much larger new assembly line. This has helped the client save significant sums on capital equipment and future energy consumption of the new factory.

Services Performed

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