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Energenz are a global leader in energy services. We bring efficiency to our client’s assets in the design and operation phase of buildings, and foster long term relationships by bringing great financial returns to our clients that also improve the environment.

Efficiency in Operation

Energenz seeks to provide you with great returns that improve the environment. We achieve this by helping you understand how, when and where resources are consumed, and use that understanding to identify cost effective efficiency opportunities for you to implement.

We support your organization in turning those opportunities into reality by developing detailed business cases, helping you identify appropriate technology suppliers and overseeing installation and commissioning. We also work with you to make sure that you are achieving those savings over the long term.

  • Retro-commissioning (RCx)
  • Energy Assessment/ Audit
  • Measurement, Verification & Benchmarking
  • Implementation Support
  • System Integration

Energy Intelligence

Energenz’s energy intelligence services give our clients an integrated platform to record, understand, and monitor their energy usage, to enable sophisticated analysis to continuously advise them on improving their energy efficiency.

For energy or site managers, we offer the most sophisticated services to understand the detailed usage of large multi-site organizations, as well as more streamlined functionality for less technical users.

  • Monitoring Based Commissioning
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Building Energy Portfolio Management
  • Deployment of Energy Management Platform
  • Condition Based Operation and Maintenance

Operations Driven Design

Energenz Operations Driven Design (ODD) service brings an operational perspective to the development process in order to:

  • Advisory on Energy and Operation Strategy
  • Design Facilitation with Operation Data
  • Operational Review of Design
  • Life-cycle Costing and Optioneering
  • Metering and Monitoring Strategy
  • Data-analytics Commissioning
  • Evidence Based DLP Management
  • Certification Support
  • Reduction on CAPEX and OPEX

Energy Performance Contracting

Energenz can offer a zero cost upfront model whereby we are remunerated from the savings we generate for our clients.

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Our partner JBA Consulting Engineers specializes in building engineering services, acoustics technology, artistic engineering, audiovisual technology and fire safety technology.

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